So what is CaliRepublic?

This music blog was created  to raise new music awareness for my readers! I post new music that I feel are current and I post on all different genres. However, my all time favorites to cover are Rock, Pop, Electro, Rap, R&B! I review unknown bands and  artists as well as new tracks that capture my attention. All the types of music posted on this website are ones that I feel have a great new style and have the ability to grow. Music is not only a compilation of sound listened through the radio or through your iPods, it is a way of life. Music lets you breakaway from everyday life and gives you the ability to boost your mood and outlook on things! The great beats, the beautiful voices, and the eclectic instruments all combined into a song is simply Magic. We should learn to live, love, and breath music.

Music is more than the song you buy on iTunes, it is an ART.

For any inquiries or if you would like me to review your music: please email

I would be more than happy to hear any feedback along with any songs that you think I should give a listen to! 🙂


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